What Is Udacity? – How Does Udacity Work? [in 2022]

Online e-learning platforms offer many unique benefits that traditional learning methods cannot offer. It is a practical and flexible approach to learning and makes the teaching and learning process hassle-free and more enjoyable.

Udacity is one of the best-known and popular online learning platforms that has a mission to create bright futures for learners through online courses and certificates (which Udacity calls nanodegrees). Read the article and go through the information given below to find out an answer to the question “what is Udacity?”, and whether its nanodegree is worth in the year 2022.

What is Udacity?

Udacity is a popular app across multiple nations, regions, and continents of the world, especially among youngsters.

what is udacity

It offers a wide variety of nanodegrees in different subjects and partners with leading technology companies including Microsoft and Google for creating top-notch and modern skill-oriented learning programs. It also collaborates with other industry leaders including Mercedes and AWS for the courses.

The micro-credentials offered by Udacity focus on technical skills and job training and are called nanodegrees. There are also certain free courses available on the online learning platform. These nanodegrees teach the learners the latest and in-demand techniques and skills that are related to the job market and the technology field.

Apart from the video lectures, the courses also contain assignments and projects which may be graded by expert teachers. Some universities, as well as business organizations, also partner with Udacity to offer a nanodegree.

The massive open online courses (MOOCs) platform Udacity has a huge following in the world. It offers hundreds of online courses and has close to 12 million active learners, members, and subscribers.

How does Udacity work?

The online learning platform and website Udacity offers courses in many domains including tech-related domains. It has in-demand skills-based courses and nanodegrees in areas including web development, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and data analysis, among others.

The nanodegrees of Udacity include video learning courses, project series, support classes, mentorship, and forums among other services. Many of these courses can be completed by students in a month if they are ready to give 5 or 7 hours every week. When the students complete the courses, they also receive a certificate.

Apart from the nanodegree programs and the individual courses, there are also certain executive programs available on Udacity.

These executive programs are for middle and senior-level management professionals and are based on the current issues affecting industries and businesses. Such courses help executives make better decisions in real-world challenging scenarios.

As of now, Udacity is also offering a Masters’ degree in Computer science in collaboration with AT&T and Georgia Tech University.

How much do Udacity nanodegrees cost?

The cost of a nanodegree program on Udacity starts at approximately $ 399. There are also seasonal sales and discounts that the learners can benefit from.

The cost of an executive program is $ 799, and these are of longer duration when compared to the nanodegree programs.

There are also scholarships available to the students, which are sponsored by organizations including AT&T, Google, Accenture, and Lyft among others.

Udacity small courses and degree programs when you consider the other options. The courses provide an excellent return on investment as well.

Apart from a job, the courses will also help you get job promotions, all at a very reasonable cost.

Are Udacity Nanodegrees worth it?

A nanodegree from Udacity can certainly improve the prospects of a learner as it prepares a person better for the latest technology jobs and skills.

The projects offered are based on real-world situations and therefore students get hands-on experience in solving factual issues.

Because Udacity courses can be learned based on the pace of the self, there is no inconvenience such as binding schedules, and the students can complete the courses in their free time. The content is always also available to the students, and therefore they can revise and hone their skills further anytime.


The nano degree programs of Udacity can improve the prospects of a resume and help a person gain new, latest, and in-demand skills.

The learners should ensure that they fulfill the eligibility conditions and requirements of a course. It is an affordable option that is being preferred by millions across the world.