What is Skillsoft? Is Skillsoft Worth It? [in 2022]

Online learning platforms have made things easier for students and aspiring professionals to learn more things and about more topics from the comfort of your home. These online training courses can help you to improve your leadership and business skills with practical training.

You can get access to innumerable training programs and courses with Skillsoft. It offers one of the largest catalogs for training to enhance your leadership, IT, and business skills. To know more about – ‘what is Skillsoft?’ read on.

What is Skillsoft?

Being founded in 1998, Skillsoft is one of the leading online education companies in USA. This learning platform is designed in such a way that it can make your learning way more accessible, effective and easier for the learners.

what is skillsoft

It helps in curating the learning paths, personalized learning and making your own program too. It has over 180,000 courses along with books and videos in its catalog. It is one of the leading platforms that incorporate digital learning all across the world. It focuses mainly in the transformation of today’s workforce to build a better economy in the future.

How does Skillsoft Percipio work?

Skillsoft works in the most efficient way. It can help the business leaders as well as the learners too to get ready to face the professional world.

It offers the learners to get the best courses, books, and videos online so that they can prepare for their future in the best way possible. It has courses about different fields to be the best in the professional line.

It offers courses on cloud services, engineering, business operation, management, digital transformation and more.

You can also create a program of your own to provide lessons to others. It hosts different events online such as leadercamps, webinars, bootcamps and podcasts.

It works quite efficiently. You just have to create your account with Skillsoft and login into the account using your credentials. Once you get into account, you can try the free access to Skillsoft and get started.

How much does Skillsoft cost?

Skillsoft is available at a very affordable price based on the services and courses that it offers. It mainly comes with three different plans – Individual, Team and Enterprise.

The prices of these premium subscriptions can range from $10 to $2,500 for each month depending on your qualification and what type of package you choose.

You can enjoy 14 days of free access to the Individual package and 30 days of free access to the Team package. To get the Enterprise package, you have to contact Skillsoft directly from their official website.

Is Skillsoft worth it?

Yes, Skillsoft is completely worth trying out. You will not be disappointed by the way it will turn out to be. It can help you in building business, developer and technology skills that can help you to be ready for your future. You can learn all the important things online while being on the go or from any parts of the world.

Skillsoft also comes with course assessments that can help you in evaluating your knowledge to the best possible way. You can also set reminders and goals in Skillsoft so that you can keep your focus and dedication right on the track. With the Team package, you will also be able to create different assignments for your team as well as manage the users too. You can also keep a track on the progress of your team members.

This platform offers next-generation learning pattern where the learners can engage with the best and most effective videos for interaction. It also offers practical simulations that can help the learners to understand things in a better way.


Hopefully, you have got your answer to the question – ‘what is Skillsoft?’ It is truly a revolutionary change in the learning world. It is designed in such a way that it can allow you to learn in the best way possible.

So, if you have to learn something or you need to make sure that you are developing the best business skills for your future, then enroll yourself to Skillsoft.

You will be able to unleash different possibilities, great opportunities of the future with Skillsoft. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and enjoy unlimited access to the courses.