What is Quizlet? – How Does It Work? [in 2022]

Andrew Sutherland, a high school sophomore at the time, created Quizlet in 2005. To begin, you should complete your own study sets with terms and definitions. On the website, there are over 40 million user-generated flashcard sets. You’ll almost certainly discover something to learn.

What is Quizlet?

Quizlet allows users to create and share online flashcards that help them study faster. With Quizlet, you can make your flashcards, study with friends, listen to audio of terms and definitions, and more. Users can choose from various templates or create their own and add text, images, and audio.

Quizlet also offers a variety of tools for studying, including a “learning mode” that quizzes questions and answers on the go and a “test” mode that allows users to set a quiz for themselves or others.

what is quizlet

With unique study and game modes, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress easily! You may copy and paste from another source or utilize Quizlet’s built-in auto-define feature to speed up the process.

This app is ideal for learning words, practicing pronunciation, and enhancing vocabulary. Listen to their audio-powered study mode and type what you hear. You can create tests at random to match your flashcard set and drag and match words/definitions to race against the clock.

Make your classroom engaging! Make flashcards for your pupils and set up a class for them to learn, discuss, and share knowledge.

There are several different languages to choose from, including English and Spanish and Arabic and Turkish! Examine your material, rearrange/randomize it, or listen with the narrator. It has dedicated mobile apps for iPhone and Android; you may study your material from any location.

How does Quizlet work?

Quizlet is a free online learning tool with millions of user-created flashcards and practice quizzes. You can use it to learn anything, from Spanish verbs to the periodic table.

Quizlet is simple to use: Enter what you want to learn, and they will give you a set of flashcards to get started. You can also make your cards or join a study group and quiz each other on new material. Quizlet even syncs with your Google Drive, so you can easily add your flashcards to all your devices.

Quizlet offers a number of distinct styles, including:

  • Flashcards
  • Test
  • Spell
  • Gravity
  • Live
  • Match
  • Learn

The idea behind flashcards is straightforward: you’ve got a question on one side and an answer on the other. They’re similar to real ones, with a question on one side and an answer on the other.

Learn will take your questions and answers and transform them into multiple choice-style quizzes that you may complete to get a final score. This also applies to pictures.

Spell is instructing a student to type out the spelling of a word after hearing it spoken aloud.

The test consists of an auto-generated combination of written, multiple-choice, and true-or-false answer options.

The match goal is to link appropriate words or a mix of words and pictures.

Gravity requires you to type out the words before hitting an asteroid-based planet.

Live allows many kids to collaborate simultaneously.

How much does Quizlet Plus cost?

Quizlet Plus is a great study tool, and it’s roughly $3 a month! Accordingly, Quizlet Plus costs $35.99/year.

That’s an affordable price for the amount of help that you get from Quizlet Plus. You can use Quizlet Plus to create your flashcards, learn new vocabulary, practice spelling, and so much more.

Are Quizlet Plus extra features worth it?

Quizlet Plus is a subscription-based service that offers users additional features, such as the ability to create custom quizzes, use different fonts and colors, and receive offline access.

Whether or not the extra features are worth the price tag is ultimately up to the individual. Some people may find that the extra features are helpful, while others may not use them enough to justify the cost.

With Quizlet Plus, download your sets without ads; no internet is required with Quizlet Plus. You’ll stay on track with ad-free learning and downloading of your sets. Save sets for future offline use.

Moreover, Quizlet Plus offers Experts explanations where millions of confirmed step-by-step solutions are at your fingertips. In addition to the above, there are Textbook explanations written and double-checked by specialists where you can discover verified answers for questions from thousands of books.