What is Monthly.com? – How Does Monthy.com Work? [in 2022]

As soon as I learned that Monthly.com was dedicated to hands-on learning for creative skills, I was hooked.

Creative skills are as important as business skills because it encourages meaningful problem solving and innovative thinking. If you like to know what is Monthly.com and how it can help, then do read on.

What is What is Monthly.com?

In simple words, Monthly.com can be explained as a fully digitized course platform that focuses mainly on the creative arts.

what is monthly.com

No matter what subject you choose, each class will last for just 30 days. The classes are led by experts who are already well-established in the field in question offering an intensive learning opportunity.

The best thing about this particular platform is the fact that it does not believe in letting anyone create a video course. They are not into non-stop steaming of video courses for years to come for earning a hefty income.

Here the world’s best experts are indeed knowledgeable and share their personal strategies via hands-on classes enabling you to create at the elite level.

Instead of a playlist of videos, you can enjoy time-based and community-oriented learning experiences. You can follow the experts along step-by-step to create by their side.

You can learn a lot from the flexible and structural classes via projects, feedback sessions, and video lessons that are placed carefully through the length of the class.

Monthy.com has gone up and beyond to come up with effective classes that can provide the best learning experience. It takes around 6 months to create each one of the classes ensuring the most effective curriculum, the highest quality production value, and the best possible experience for you.

How does Monthly.com work?

You can choose the course you like from the list of current offerings found on the homepage of Monthly.com.

Once you click on the class you are interested in, you will get additional information like Time Commitment, Price, Upcoming Class Dates, Skill Level, and Final Product. You have to choose them accordingly to get the best outcome.

You next have to select the “Enroll now” and provide basic contact and billing information. Once you have done that, you will be place in a peer group (20 students from all over the world maximum). You can start the class on the same day if you want.

You will get a “Today’s Tasks” each day you will visit the classroom and you have to complete them to stay on track.

You will be attending a video lesson on some days, while other days you can work on hands-on project. You can share your ongoing work and receive and/or give feedback throughout the class.

You will be able to create a tangible product by the end of the class which you can share. The outcome will come to a conclusion by applying new techniques, skills, and ideas that you will learn and practice throughout the class. The whole procedure is very easy-to-follow.

How much do Monthly.com courses cost?

Now that you know what is Monthly.com, let’s talk about how much a course will cost if you choose this platform to improve your skills and knowledge. There are plenty of courses to choose from, and each course costs a one-time fee of 249 USD. It is not subscription-based.

One of the best things about Monthly.com is the fact that you have to pay for each class that you want to participate in, and have a lifetime access to each class that you will purchase.

When checking out this platform, do make sure to go through Monthly Plus. You can learn about discounted class prices and other such benefits from there.

Is Monthly.com worth it?

If you research more on the topic “What is Monthly.com“, you will get to know more about all the advantageous features it has to offer.

The many features provided make this platform stand out from others available online, and make the whole process worth it. I have been mentioned next some of these advantages/features for your better understanding.

Hands-on Learning

A learned person going on about a creative process in generic terms is not that interesting. Thus, Monthly.com offers hand-on classes where the expert will go deep to provide you with extensive knowledge on the subject.

The classes are designed to encourage students to put each lesson into practice. Using their own process, an expert instructor in charge of the class will create original work which the students can re-create using their own personal touch.

Expert instructors

Monthly.com has a long and strict process to select the experts for the classes. They are indeed knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching. The students will definitely get customized and appropriate guidance.

Peer Feedback

The students will be sharing their work in progress and the final product with one another throughout the course. Monthly.com enables receiving and providing feedback that will deepen understanding of lessons and build confidence. It also helps you to build valuable relationships with many like-minded creative and passionate people. 


There you have it; now you know what is Monthly.com, and how it can help you to become a better artist. They are known for providing suitable and helpful answers to your queries quickly.

So, do contact them today to choose the best course for you and your specific needs.