What is Mondly? How Does Mondly Work? [in 2022]

Do you want to learn a new language? Are you looking for the best platform? If yes, you can think of Mondly. You will have a good learning experience.

Mondly can enable you to learn different languages. Also, you will have both free and paid courses. You can choose any option based on your needs.

What is Mondly?

As mentioned above, Mondly can help you to learn new languages. Yes, it is a language learning platform and enables users to learn different languages. It is available on the web, Android, and iOS. The app is less than one decade old. However, it has impressed more than eighty million users.

Currently, it has users in 190 countries. All these achievements prove the credibility and usability of this language learning platform. From its launch in 2013, it has impressed global users with its user-friendly features.

Additionally, it has a free version to help those who cannot afford to learn a new language. In 2016, it created a Chatbot with some unique features. Yes, the Chatbot features speech recognition.

After one year, its users had their MondlyVR, a virtual language app. The app impressed all categories of people with its speech recognition ability.

In the current condition, the app focuses on constant upgrades. The objective is to create better solutions for its users. Its efforts have received appreciation from its users and other platforms as well.

We can take the example of the Facebook FbStart- EMEA App of the Year 2017, Google Play-Editor’s Choice, and Apple’s New Apps. All these prestigious achievements gave Mondly a preference over its competitors.

You can use Mondly to learn forty-one languages. Also, you will find this platform easy to use. You will have to open your account, and then you can use this app to learn a new language.

Open the app and tap on the profile, and then sign up. You will find everything easy and hassle-free. Once you have your account, you can start using this app.

How Does Mondly Work?

Once you sign up, you can go through the tutorial. The tutorial will help you to understand the features. There will be a series of screens, and then you will have an option to choose the paid subscription. If you do not want to use the paid version, you can skip it.

The initial learning process will give you a taste of the app. You will find it short, but you will get some points or statistics for the learning. You can click continue to start learning.

If you choose a free account, you will find the options limited. The free course will include a hello topic. That will have a daily lesson and seven lessons.

Additionally, you will have monthly challenges and weekly quizzes. All these will help to learn a new language and track your progress.

However, you can expect advanced features with paid courses. The premium content will include 250 lessons, 41 conversations, speech recognition, 1300 daily lessons, 36 vocabulary builders, grammar features, and many more.

Besides, it features a unique repetitive system. It will help you to understand the language better. With a better understanding, you can learn fast.

How Much Does Mondly Premium Cost?

Mondly offers three plans to its users. You can choose from the monthly, yearly, or lifetime plan.

For the monthly plan, you will have to pay $9.99 per month. However, it is for one language.

For the yearly plan, the cost is $47.99. Your weekly spending will be $0.9. You can also pay $89.99 for lifetime access to forty-one languages.

Is Mondly Premium Worth It?

Yes, the paid course is worth spending since you can use many advanced features. But you can also try the free trial.

Wrapping It Up

Mondly can help you to learn a new language fast. It combines course materials, Chatbots, and augmented reality. Hence, you can master any language. Also, you will have many ways to track your progress and improve consistently.

Additionally, you will find learning easy and fun. It uses cutting-edge technologies to help you with a better experience. It will focus on the phrases, not on words. Besides, you will listen to native speakers and make fast improvements.