What is Hooked on Phonics? How Does It Work? [in 2022]

The internet and web have brought many new possibilities to mankind, in areas including education. Hooked on Phonics is one of the leading online education websites.

The software and platform have been efficient in providing education to children. It was introduced in the year 1987, and has so far helped thousands of children learn, practice, and be more effective in their reading and communication skills.

The learning and education website has upgraded now and has its app as well. It uses stories, animations, activities, and songs for creating and multi-sensory and emergency learning experience.

Read the article below to find the answer to the question “What is Hooked on Phonics?” and to know more about an engaging online platform for kid education.

What is Hooked on Phonics?

Hooked on Phonics is an education learning app for children between the ages of 3 years 8 years. The parents should know that Hooked on Phonics follows a subscription model. The children who learn with the app and the website progress through various stages (from recognizing and reading the words to understanding the simple stories).

what is hooked on phonics

These letters/phrases are introduced to children through mini-stories, games, songs, videos, animations, and infographics, among other measures.

The app and the website keep producing the latest content. The website follows phonics-based comprehension and reading programs for small children. It is based on the recognized and well-established methods of phonics instruction and teaching methodology.

There is also a reward system that keeps the kids engaged better. Learning on Hooked on Phonics is multisensory, animated, and offers great fun to children.

The children and parents can also download the lessons and use the application offline. There is also a language and spelling development program included in the platform, which can be accessed on Android, Amazon iOS, and Microsoft’s Windows, among other operating systems.

Hooked on Phonics follows the curriculum of the common core reading foundational skills program, which is a country-wide program. It also abides by the standards laid by the States, for the literacy and reading programs meant for children in the K2 grade of education.

How does Hooked on Phonics work?

Hooked on Phonics develops the reading skills in the kids through synthetic phonics teaching and instruction methodology.

The app will first teach the relationship between the sounds and letters to the kids through stories, videos, animations, infographics, and other means.

Kids slowly build up their reading and comprehension skills and, in some time, can use the sounds and words for building sentences and words on their own.

Hooked on Phonics adopts a multisensory methodology and approach for teaching, and helps the kids gain reading skills effectively. The visual learning materials (including the colorful and cute animations) are much liked by children. The app and the platform use these animations along with numerous sound narrations and music (the audio learning inputs) for teaching.

There are also certain puzzles, activities, and interactive challenges (a form of kinesthetic learning) that the kids undergo to gain greater reading and comprehension skills.

All these inputs create an immersive fun and interactive learning experience for the kids, who keep coming back to the app or the website. Some of the topics covered by Hooked on Phonics are given below.

  • Phonological awareness.
  • Print concepts.
  • High-frequency vocabulary.
  • Letter and sound correspondence.

How much does Hooked on Phonics cost?

There is a 7-day free trial period for using the app. Hooked on Phonics offers a subscription-based membership program that parents can purchase for their kids and children.

The one-week subscription fee for the app and platform Hooked on Phonics is $ 6.99. A one-month subscription to the learning website is worth $ 39.99. However, parents can also purchase the “lifetime subscription” plan at the cost of $ 49.99.

The lifetime subscription plan is the most cost-effective plan for parents. Parents can purchase the plan at an early age of the kid and ensure that he or she has access to some of the best vocabulary learning content throughout his or her early years of education.

Apart from the subscription plans, there are also certain in-app purchases available on Hooked on Phonics. It includes subscription upgrades as well as e-books.

Is Hooked on Phonics worth it?

Hooked on Phonics is one of the best online learning websites/apps for smaller kids because of its audio-visual and activity-based approach, which provides for effective teaching and learning. The lifetime subscription plan makes the app and the platform even more affordable.

Due to these reasons, Hooked on Phonics remains one of the most popular apps and platforms that parents choose when they want their children to gain greater learning skills and expand their vocabulary.

How to cancel Hooked on Phonics subscription?

If you have taken a subscription to Hooked on Phonics on the app store of your Apple/Android device, it can be canceled through the device itself. You can go to the “subscriptions” section of the app store and cancel your subscription on Apple App Store/Google Play Store/Amazon app store.

In other cases, the subscription holders can cancel the subscription at any time and due to any reason through their “account” dashboard on the website and platform.

A user can log in to the website using his/her email address and password. Then they will have to “manage subscription” and click on “subscription”. You can turn off the auto-renewal option, answer the confirmation questions, and the cancellation will be done.


Hooked on Phonics is one of the best apps and platforms that can help children develop their reading and comprehension skills from their home itself.

It is a highly affordable platform as well when you buy a lifetime subscription. It helps your child learn the language in an engaging and fun-filled way