What is Busuu? How Does Busuu work? [in 2022]

Language Proficiency defines as the measurement of an individual’s capacity to master a language. It is measured in open and suggestive language chops, syntax, vocabulary, semantics, and other areas that demonstrate language capacities. In short, Language proficiency is something people should master by learning through verified platforms. 

What is Busuu?

Busuu is a Language learning app, and a language learning app specialized for language enthusiasts launched in 2008.

Busuu takes its name from the endangered Busuu language of Cameroon, which is only spoken by a bitsy number of people. Factually, Busuu was created during the final project of the Co-founders Bernhard Niesner and Adrian Hilti. They thought of making an application to access language learning in self-paced, one-on-one tutorials professionally yet safely.

Busuu recently had their partnership with Chegg, a well-known learning service app that offers help for students who are having a hard time with their lessons. They had this partnership to empower language learning throughout the world. In addition to these, Busuu helps people learn or master a specific language that will help them connect and communicate with the world.

How Does Busuu Work?

Using and working your language fluency with Busuu is effortless as brushing your cat. With Busuu, your language deficiency needs will ease up together with the help of Busuu. Here are the steps on how to use and work with Busuu.

Download the App on Android or IOS

First, before anything else, download Busuu on google play for Android and Apple store for IOS phones for FREE. Yes, it is free, and no need to pay to download the App. Make use of the App first before you proceed with learning the language. Make sure that you have already downloaded the application before going to the next step.

Remember, It is better to read instructions and Agreements as well. It is a reminder that you have navigated the application on google play or apple store for your convenience and confidence. After these, you can proceed to the next step.

Just like any other language application, you have to navigate the App. In addition to that, you may notice that Busuu has learning levels Called The common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is an internationally honored standard for generating language classes.

The CEFR has six levels, from beginners to fluent. Emphasizing it, all of Busuu’s language classes cover the first four situations of the CEFR, from A1 to B2, and include cases advanced than B2 C1.

Start Learning with a flexible learning Pace.

There you have it! You may start learning Multi-languages with various learning paces. To begin with, you can learn languages anytime and anywhere. The first thing is that you can learn the language self-paced since it is a size-bite learning module that you can know whether in a fast or slow-paced-Choice of learning depends on you.

Another thing is that you can tap language instructors inside the application. It is effortless to tap them, and you need to search their names tap them, and schedule a meeting with them online. That’s easy. You will have your language expert teach you. Now that’s fun learning!

Lastly, you can learn by simply listening to the video-made language learning system of Busuu. For audiovisual and professional business learners, this is for you. The learning system of Busuu fits in every learning modals a learner wants.

How much does Busuu cost?

Busuu comes with three basic plans: Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus. Additionally, it has a Free (basic) account, monthly payment scheme, annual and bi-annual. To expound this, let us explain the plan payments.

Basic plans are FREE, with no cost or additional payments, and 100% free. The downside of this is that it is limited to only one language and has no other benefits.

The monthly scheme is 9.99 Canadian dollars for a premium account and 10.99 Canadian dollars for Premium plus. It is annually billed as 5.83/month for Premium and 6.66/month for the Premium plus accounts for annual plans. Lastly, a bi-annual month is billed every two years for 5.41/monthly for Premium accounts and 6.24/monthly for a premium plus account.

Is Busuu Worth it?

It is worth it and affordable for starters and language gurus. With this application, you will love the English language more.

For you to start with the App, try it for a 7-days trial-No no fee, less risk, and accessible to premium plus plan perks. Download and use the App now!