What Is ABCmouse? How Does ABCmouse work? [in 2022]

If you have kids, then you will realize how difficult it would be to make them learn the basic lessons in life. Due to the recent advancements in technology, you can’t blame yourself if you get the assistance of an educational platform like ABCmouse.

What is ABCmouse?

ABCmouse is an educational app that was made for children aged two to eight years old. Your kid would follow a specific learning path according to his or her skills and you will be able to track the learning progress.

what is abcmouse

The app can even make suggestions regarding how the kid can improve the skills that need to be improved.

How does ABCmouse work?

The moment you subscribe to ABCmouse, you will be taken to the page where your kid can select his avatar.

The first thing your kid would need to do is to take an assessment where you would be required to be present as a parent but you can’t help them no matter how much the child would want you to.

The assessment would determine the learning path for your kid and all the lessons will be done in fun and engaging ways that will keep the child glued to the platform.

In the beginning, it is evident you will need to use the website with your child especially if the kid is still pretty young. As time goes on, your child would end up using the website independently.

Of course, that would give you the feeling of satisfaction that you were able to teach the kid something new and navigating through an education platform is pretty important.

How much is ABCmouse?

There is the option to choose the one-year or two-year plan of ABCmouse. It is evident the two-year one is cheaper as you just need to pay $99 and it will get renewed every two years. As for the one-year plan, you will need to pay $59 right away.

You have the option to pay the membership in four monthly installments. For the one-year plan, you can pay in four monthly installments of $19.75.

On the other hand, you can pay in four monthly installments of $29.75 for the two-year plan.

There is a monthly subscription plan where you can cancel anytime you want as you just need to pay $9.95 per month. There is even a six-month plan and you will just get charged $29.95.

You can’t blame yourself if you can commit to the longer plan due to your kid being able to do activities a little longer as he or she will certainly have fun.

Is ABCMouse worth it?

ABC Mouse is truly worth it the moment you see your kid have fun with all the puzzles and games that he or she needs to do.

Besides, nothing pleases a parent more than seeing his kid as happy as he can be. The ticket system is also something that kids would love to do because they get to save the tickets for something that they desire.

The one feature you must take advantage of is the fact that you can register up to three kids at the same time.

Also, you won’t encounter any form of ads even if it is just the free trial that you availed of. After all, your kid can grow a bit impatient if ads keep on popping up left and right.

Parents will be glad to know that there is nothing to fear while your kid is browsing the website of ABCMouse.

The educational platform got compliance that ensures you won’t get links to dangerous websites. After all, you can’t blame your young kid for clicking on those links since they may become a bit curious.

Other Information Related to ABCMouse

It is awesome how there are just too many activities for your child to do as it is not just limited to playing a game. In fact, there will be times when your kid will be required to read a book or even listen to a song for the sake of learning a new lesson.

After all, there will come a time when your kid would get tired of playing games so he or she would want to do something new.