How Much Does Skillshare Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

These days, college fees are getting really expensive. Hence, parents are looking into enrolling their kids in online courses.

One of the websites that offer courses is Skillshare and the courses there are taught by professionals.

How much does Skillshare cost?

Whether you want to advance your career or learn a new hobby, Skillshare is for you due to the fact that it has a lot of courses and the number just keeps on growing with each passing day.

The cost is affordable due to the number of courses you will have access to. If you choose the annual membership then you will need to pay $99 per month or just $8.25 monthly.

If you choose the monthly membership then you would need to pay $19 per month. You can always cancel the membership but it would be wise to do so at the end of the month since your cancellation won’t take into effect until the payment cycle is over.

Thus, if it is a monthly membership then you won’t have access to the courses on the first day of the next month so canceling the subscription at the latter part of the month would be extremely wise.

Skillshare annual vs monthly prices

It is evident the annual membership will save you a lot of money. After all, you will just need to pay $8.25 a month for the annual membership but you would need to pay $19 a month for the monthly membership.

It is widely expected that you would need to settle the annual membership per year and not per month so you would need to shelter out a load of money when you pay for it but when you think of a huge number of courses on the educational platform, you would not think too much about that.

Skillshare free plan

Skillshare has more than thirty thousand courses and some of them are available for free so that you can get a glimpse of what you would get.

There will be a lot more courses available to you when you avail of the paid subscription and you won’t even get ads distracting you from doing what you were meant to do for a long time.

Skillshare free trial

There is a two-week trial that you can avail of once you choose either the annual or monthly subscription.

After that, you will be billed so if you no longer want to continue then you can always cancel the subscription when the free trial is nearly over. Due to how long the courses are, it is doubtful you will be able to finish all of that in one sitting.

There are a bunch of upgrades when you switch from the free trial to a premium membership. The first would be the ability to download all the classes so they would be viewed offline.

Of course, doing this means you can view the courses when you are at a long flight and you have nothing else to do.

Another benefit of upgrading to a paid subscription would be to get advice from other people who are also members. The community of Skillshare is huge and it continues to grow with each passing day getting help from some of them would be monumental to your learning.

Other Information Related to Skillshare Pricing

Believe it or not, you can get 50% off of your subscription when you sign on with an email ending with .edu.

This would allow them to realize right away that you are a student and you are doing it for the sake of advancing to the next level. Getting a degree with them would be such a cool idea as you’re basically trying to achieve the same thing

There is also an opportunity to get a discount if you enroll in teams.