How Much Does Quizlet Plus Cost? [In 2022]

When you are a teacher, you will need to devise ways how to make your students learn what you are teaching them. Quizlet Plus lets you achieve that and a whole lot more. However, you would need to find out how much you would pay for Quizlet Plus.

How much does Quizlet Plus subscription cost?

Quizlet Plus costs $35.99 per year. If you do the Math, that would only account for just $3 per month. That is an outstanding low price for all the features that you are going to get from it.

After all, not only would you be able to customize audio files, you will also get to customize images for the benefit of your class so that your students would understand your lesson a lot faster.

Quizlet Plus vs free plan compared

The paid version lets you continue what you are doing offline so that you won’t have to be at a place that has WiFi.

Also, all the annoying ads are removed as you can’t blame them for putting ads because that is how they gain profit. The app would let you complete tons of tasks in a short amount of time so you don’t have to think twice about whether you would download it or not.

The plus level lets you study based on a goal that you set. It will give you images and diagrams that will help you accomplish that goal in a short amount of time.

Even if you don’t accomplish the goal, you can always say that you tried as it is basically a flashcard app so it would be great to use it for learning new languages since you can have two cards where the other card is the meaning of the word you are studying.

Quizlet Plus Group Discounts

If you choose to do 2 or more upgrades, then you can get a 20% discount. On the other hand, you can get a huge 25% off if you would avail of 50 or more upgrades. There is no doubt you are going to be tempted to avail more and more upgrades as time passes by and you would start to enjoy Quizlet.

Keep in mind that you will most likely pay for the group discount using your credit card. Also, these things don’t really renew automatically so you would need to tell them if you would renew the subscription or not so that you can continue using the features of Quizlet Plus.

Quizlet Plus free trial

The free trial lets you try Quizlet Plus including trying study sets made by other instructors. From there, you will find out how good the other instructors are.

You will get a good glimpse of how nice Quizlet Plus is. In order to avail of the free trial, you would need a credit card so if you don’t have one then go to your most trusted bank and get one as soon as possible.

Quizlet Plus lets you track the progress of your students. From there, you would find out who would need your focus even more and who does not need it that much.

Also, you can get access to explanations that are about textbooks since some of them would leave you with a confused look on your face.

It would be best to avail of the free trial via Google Play so you can cancel the subscription any time you want. Additionally, you can keep track of your subscription with the option of managing it.

Quizlet Plus can be useful for both students and teachers as students can use it to memorize lessons for exams and teachers and use it to make exams.

There is no monthly subscription as it is a one-time payment. You would get your money’s worth even though the price has gone up over the years due to its worldwide popularity. In fact, it tried doing an option called Quizlet Go with different options.

There is no option to pause the subscription as that would be beneficial for those people who don’t really study the entire year. Also, Quizlet Plus gives you seven possible ways to study including write, test, spell, and match.