How Much Do Pluralsight Subscriptions Cost? [in 2022]

Online learning platforms has been famous nowadays. There are a lot of courses that you can take on the internet. One of these is Pluralsight. This learning and development platform focuses on training the IT industry to adjust to the continuous innovation of technology.

How Much does Pluralsight Cost?

Pluralsight offers two kinds of plans. One is the Individual plan which is used personally, and the team plan which is mostly used by businesses. The individual plans offer an interactive course library, skill assessments, exams and projects, and paths.

Pluralsight skills subscription cost

For the team plan, it benefits your company where you can educate the entire team through Pluralsight’s core library. It will also teach the team reporting, user analytics, and flexibility.

The Pluralsight platform offers various plans that you can choose to meet your needs. Here is a list of Pluralsight pricing of a monthly and yearly subscription:

Pluralsight Individual Subscription

You can get the standard plan at $19 per month, and $159 annually. While for the Premium plan, you can access the entire library at $29 per month and $239 for a year. Subscribing for a year on the individual Premium plan can save you at least 30% from the base price.

Pluralsight Team Subscription

These team plans are only billed annually. For a Starter team plan, it costs $399 per user which includes access to the core library. The Professional plan starts at $579 per user a year. And the Enterprise plan costs $779 per user a year that offers advanced analytics for your business.

Pluralsight Premium vs Standard Subscriptions

This online platform uses a data-driven approach that focuses on the IT industry – IT professionals, operations, software development. Aside from the skills, it also offers training on leadership for managers and product leaders.

With the Premium and Standard subscriptions for individual users, you will be able to access resources such as channels, guides, learning paths, and course descriptions.

On a standard subscription, the core course library with more than 2500 courses that can be accessed for learning. It also offers conferences, guides, preparation for certification, and Role IQ.

The premium subscription offers what the standard plan is offering, but with additional features. With the premium subscription, you will be able to access the expanded library, interactive projects and courses, preparation for certification with practice exams, and Role IQ.

With the Role IQ feature, you will be able to evaluate which skills an individual or a team need to prioritize.

Pluralsight Individual vs Team Subscription

The Pluralsight Individual is often used by learners, while the Team subscription is used by learners, managers, and system administrators. The Team subscription is recommended for businesses since it includes the features of an individual plan with a lot more additional such as skills, trends, analytics, data exports, and API access.

The team subscription offers more features and support than the individual plans since it focuses on a business perspective. It includes code fundamentals, operational insights, and phone plus email support.

The enterprise plan on the team subscription can be personalized depending on what your business needs. You will need to contact Pluralsight to modify your plan.

Pluralsight Free Trial

The Individual subscription offers a free trial for 10 days on a standard and premium plan. This period can be used by unfamiliar users to adapt to the platform’s interface and the courses and features it offers.

The 10-day free trial includes in-depth courses and assessments that can be taken in less than 10 minutes on the standard plan trial. For the premium plan trial, you will be able to access more than 7,000 courses. Interactive projects and courses can be tried to see how you can apply and practice the knowledge faster in real life.

To access the free trial, you need to provide your credit card details for the next billing of your subscription. If you wish to stop your subscription, you should cancel the free trial before it ends. Otherwise, your credit card will be billed with the subscription you chose and will only stop on the next billing period.

Refunds are not possible with Pluralsight so make sure to cancel your subscription within 10 days. However, if you chose not to resubscribe, you will not be able to access any of the courses.