How Much Does Memrise Premium Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

Are you interested in paying for Memrise Premium features and want to know how much does a Memrise subscription cost? We are here to help you and share you the most important thing related to Memrise subscription prices.

How much does Memrise subscription cost?

The monthly plan of Memrise Premium costs $8.49 per month. The yearly subscription is priced at $5 per month, and the one-time lifetime membership is just $119.99. If you pick the Monthly Plan, your subscription will renew on a monthly basis and renew at the end of each month, with one month from when your Monthly Plan was activated.

memrise subscription cost

If you choose the Annual Plan, your subscription will renew as a rolling subscription at the end of each year, on the day your Annual Plan was activated, which is known as a “Renewal.” If you opt for a Renewal, the method of payment used to pay the Fees will be charged off at the conclusion of your current Plan.

If you select a Lifetime subscription, this will be a one-time upfront payment that will not be renewed. A Memrise user may cancel at any time by contacting customer service.

If you pick the Lifetime Plan, you get access to all of Memrise’s future lessons for life! A lifetime subscription lasts for 100 years or until the expiration date of your membership with Memrise.

A Memrise subscriber must understand that if Memrise alters the costs, your current subscription plan will not be affected; therefore, any price increases will not affect any existing subscriptions or renewals.

Afterall, a Memrise Pro Plan will help you have fun while learning quickly. With one month of Memrise Pro access, you’ll be fluent in a new language in no time.

All 23 language courses are included in the Pro Plans. – Spanish, French, German, Italian, even Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more! There are thousands of real-life language video clips available to help you learn from real people.

Memrise annual vs. monthly prices

Memrise offers an annual subscription for $60 when computed for 12 months or a monthly subscription for $8.49. Which is the better value? The annual subscription is the better value, as it costs $5 per month, compared to the $8.49 per month for the monthly subscription.

Memrise accepts most major credit and debit cards, PayPal and other payment options. Check their updated listing of prices for a complete index of accepted payment methods.

Memrise free trial

You can get one month free to start learning a language on Memrise by signing up for the Memrise Premium account. A free trial is often part of a subscription. The duration of any membership will be determined by the time at which you joined. Free trials cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, as they are not permitted.

If you begin your membership with a free trial, the first payment date will be the day after the free trial has ended. For a 7-day free trial, for example, the billing day will be the eighth day.

However, if you cancel the membership before the end of your free trial, you will not be charged. A memrise user may cancel their membership at any time by going to their account settings.

Memrise free vs Memrise premium

To create a Memrise account, you must first have an email address and password. There is no cost to set up a Memrise account. You may use their app to learn vocabulary and characters from various languages, as well as simple words and sentences.

Memrise offers a wide range of courses in numerous disciplines, including languages. You may study history, geography, math, science, and other topics with this program.

The free account includes a wealth of stuff, as previously said. However, by upgrading to a Pro membership, you will access additional features such as offline viewing and more ways to learn.

Users of Premium Edition get chatbots to help them learn by conversing, native speakers for various languages, video lessons, adaptive technology that adjusts how it teaches you based on your performance, and some statistics that demonstrate when and how much you studied.

Users with Premium accounts will also have access to Difficult Word activities exercises to work on vocabulary that you previously got wrong in Memrise.

The Premium version, Memrise Pro, distinguishes it from other language learning programs and resources most people have tried. This is because the premium membership allows you to access ALL language courses, not simply one.

Babbel, Pimsleur, and Rocket Languages all offer different subscription plans. While they are in many respects excellent, you can’t learn many languages at the same time unless you pay extra using any of these three models. For the language enthusiasts among us, this is a significant development!

The most popular courses are determined by the number of students enrolled and their popularity. Memrise is an excellent platform for learning languages. The most popular language among users is French, Spanish, and Japanese, which are significantly more common than any other language.