How Much Does MasterClass Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

If you’ve heard of Masterclass then you know it is a nice educational platform that has celebrities teaching you their specialties in video courses. For example, Stephen Curry teaches shooting the basketball while Judd Apatow teaches comedy. The next thing to do would be to find out the subscription fee.

How much does a MasterClass subscription cost?

Keep in mind that MasterClass will bill you annually. The cheapest one is $180 annually which rounds up to just about $15 per month. The cheapest one is standard and the plus one is $20 per month while the premium subscription is $23 per month.

What’s awesome is that whatever subscription you decide to go with, you are going to get access to more than a hundred education courses led by celebrities which are more than you can ask for.

All the subscription plans give you a workbook that contains a summary of the online course. It is something you can always look at any time you want so you can learn a lot more than you thought.

MasterClass Standards vs Plus vs Premium

The main difference between the standard, plus, and premium plans are the maximum amount of devices that you can use to watch the online courses at the same time.

masterclass plan cost

For standard, it is only one person, for plus it is two people while premium allows you up to six people. It is evident the premium subscription is for families who want to learn together or even companies that want to tackle a ton of activities.

Another difference between the three would be the fact that you can download the courses so that you can view them offline for the Plus and Premium subscription options.

Of course, you won’t be able to do that for a standard so you need to be online all the time for that. It would be cool to be able to download courses so that you can have something to do when you are idle like when you are on a long flight.

There are many similarities with all three subscriptions though and it includes the bonus content that you are going to get.

No matter what course you decide to take, there will always be some bonus materials that you can avail of. You can even watch the videos on whatever media device you prefer whether it is on your phone or a TV.

Masterclass Free Trial

Unfortunately, MasterClass does not have a free trial. What you can do if you don’t want to continue is ask for a refund. It is not that hard to do so as you just need to make sure that you are still within thirty days from when you bought the subscription.

In order to get a refund, you must go to the website of MasterClass and fill out a request form. Of course, it would not hurt to put “Request for Refund’ in the title so that they would know what exactly it is you are after.

Due to how attentive their customer service team is, it won’t be long before someone would respond to your request.

You can expect someone from their customer service team to get feedback from you about their educational platform after you request a refund. It is great how they would want to improve for the sake of their clients in the future.

The subscription costs described above are not the final price that you will pay for MasterClass. Tax will still be added to the price and the tax would depend on where you are located.

There is a reason why everyone hates taxes but it is part of the law so we would all have no choice but to oblige.

What’s wonderful about your MasterClass subscription is that you get access to a community where you will be able to interact with other subscribers.

After all, you can start a topic about the course you are enrolled in and watch other people reply to it. It would feel great to gain new friends so you can find out what their plans are after taking the course and see if you have the same plans as them.