What is LinkedIn Learning? How Does Linkedin Learning work? [in 2022]

Have you ever wanted to learn more about your profession so you can gain an advantage over other people trying to apply for the same position? Well, that’s why LinkedIn purchased the e-learning platform Lynda and LinkedIn Learning was born.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a feature of LinkedIn that will give you unlimited access to several learning courses on the website. These courses are taught by top professionals so you can rest assured you are going to learn a lot. LinkedIn has many online courses and the library just keeps on getting bigger each month.

It is amazing how you can choose courses that are related to your field or new ones if ever you are thinking of switching to another profession. We must really consider doing things we are highly capable of in order to achieve our goals. Once you finish the online courses, you can add them to your CV and your chances of getting hired for the job you want would immediately go up.

How does LinkedIn Learning Work?

Once you confirm your one-month free trial for LinkedIn learning then you will eventually gain access to thousands of online courses. You can choose to search all the courses by subject so the number of courses you can take would get narrowed down to fewer options. There is even the option to choose among their Software courses where you can learn more about Photoshop or even Excel.

For you to practice what you learned, the LinkedIn courses are equipped with assessments. At the end of the assessment, you will immediately see how well you did. There is really no right and wrong answer here as it is just a test to see how much you learned.

How much does LinkedIn Learning Cost?

LinkedIn Learning costs $29.99 per month. The billing cycle automatically starts the moment your free trial ends. If you opt to subscribe annually then you are going to get a huge discount.

LinkedIn learning

An annual subscription for LinkedIn learning costs only $299.88. Of course, that means you are going to get two months absolutely free. The price you pay for LinkedIn learning is pretty cheap compared to what you are going to learn and the user interface is friendly too.

Is LinkedIn Learning Worth Paying for?

The price you will pay for LinkedIn learning is worth it for all the courses you will gain access to. If you want a preview of what you are going to get when you avail of LinkedIn learning then you can always avail of the free trial.

Additionally, they would give personalized recommendations regarding which courses are best suited for your skills based on what you put on your LinkedIn profile.

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to download LinkedIn courses so you can view them anytime and anywhere you want. For that to happen, you would need to adjust the settings of your subscription. It should be active for offline viewing and you can only do it through the LinkedIn app so if you have yet to download the app then now is the best time to do so.

It is possible to provide feedback about the LinkedIn learning course that you took. After all, they would love to welcome feedback in order to know what they can possibly do to do a lot better in future courses.

LinkedIn Learning also has a feature called LinkedIn Learning paths where you would be given a bunch of suggestions regarding the course that you should take next based on the previous one that you took.

The Question & Answer feature of LinkedIn learning is another pretty useful feature. From the name itself, you can ask questions related to the course then the instructor will answer it. You will also be able to see past questions other members asked and you can tag other people who can benefit from it.

It is possible to purchase a single course on LinkedIn learning and you can actually get a refund for it. For monthly and annual subscriptions for LinkedIn learning, you won’t be able to get a refund.