How Much Does Linkedin Learning Subscription Cost? [In 2022]

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn Learning, it is a platform that allows you to gain more knowledge either for your work or business through a series of videos. The next thing you will think about is how much you would need to pay for this.

How much does LinkedIn Learning subscription cost?

Annually, LinkedIn Learning costs $299 per year. Monthly, it just costs $29.99 per month. Surely, you will notice right away that you would be able to save a lot of money when you choose the annual membership because you get two months absolutely free.

You will start paying them the moment your free trial ends which is the reason why they would get your credit card details even if it is just for the free trial.

If you don’t like what you are getting out of LinkedIn learning then you can always cancel any time you want. When you do that, you won’t lose that much because the first month is absolutely free. Keep in mind the date you will be introduced to were compiled by several LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn Learning annual vs monthly prices

The monthly cost of LinkedIn learning is cheaper when you avail of the annual subscription compared to the monthly subscription. Of course, you would need to decide how long you would want LinkedIn learning to last. What’s awesome is that the courses featured on this website are conducted by experts in their profession.

LinkedIn Learning Free Courses

There are plenty of LinkedIn learning free courses covering a wide variety of topics. These videos are just a short sample of what you are going to get when you sign up for the real one.

Some of the topics covered by these free courses include how you can handle stress in the workplace and how you can adjust to working online during the pandemic.

You won’t notice how fast time would fly when you watch these free educational videos. The good news is that you would get even more when you avail of a subscription plan for LinkedIn Learning. The courses are even available in multiple languages so you can choose the one that you can relate to the most.

LinkedIn Learning Free Trial

If you are eager to find out what you can get from LinkedIn learning then you always have the option to try out the free trial. After all, you would want to watch all the courses that you can watch so that you can get a glimpse of what you are going to get when you switch to the paid subscription.

Other than the videos, you can avail of a lot of other features like the Q & A portion and the personalized recommendations.

Even if you don’t avail of the free trial, you can watch free LinkedIn courses there. You would immediately get a glimpse of how amazing the instructors areas all the videos there will draw you into what they are capable of.

Some courses would allow you the opportunity to build new skills in order to apply for a new job in a new industry.

You have the option to purchase individual courses on LinkedIn learning if you want to concentrate on a specific topic.

Of course, you would be tempted to try out more courses after finishing it. As they say, learning never stops in this life and due to the huge number of courses available, you will definitely find something that you will be interested in.

A paid subscription plan would allow you to view the videos even when you are offline.

Since that is the case, you won’t have to be at a place where you would need to have access to the Internet. Depending on where you are, you can even switch between your mobile device and your laptop as there are some courses where you don’t need a screen that is big.

When you complete a course, you will automatically receive a certificate of completion and you can even add this achievement to your LinkedIn profile right away. Surely, that would increase the chances of you getting hired for the job that you really want.