How Much Is Lingopie? – Lingopie Costs Explained [in 2022]

With the extensive catalog of shows and movies available worldwide, it can be hard to understand some international productions.

But thanks to new software like Lingopie, people can learn a new language with the help of some excellent film and TV programming.

How much is Lingopie?

Most language learning software has monthly fees in the $9 to $12 range. Lingopie does not stray away from these prices, as their basic monthly payment is $12.

A yearly plan costs $65 for each account. Those who want to learn with other people can avail a family plan priced at $99.

While the app is on the more expensive side of the range, it does present a unique way of learning. The prices could also be influenced by the film and television content they use to teach users languages.

Lingopie Annual VS Monthly Prices

You might be better off purchasing the annual subscription. At $65, it is a much more intuitive purchase than buying a $12 monthly subscription. You pay less for more extended access, which helps if you do not like a subscription that eats into your monthly budget.

However, if you want to try the app first, the monthly tier could be more beneficial. If you decide that the product is for you, you could purchase a monthly subscription.

There is also the family plan option, which costs only $99 per year. If you have friends or family members who also want to learn languages, you can split the costs. Up to four accounts are supported under this plan.

Lingopie Premium Features

One of the biggest draws to Lingopie is its extensive library of foreign TV shows. From only carrying Spanish programming, they now have Portuguese, Italian, French, and German shows. But the catalog is also made better with the inclusion of other features.

For instance, the mobile app carries a lot of different functionalities for users. The interface is straightforward, and beginners will not have trouble navigating it.

The videos also look sleek and stylish when viewed from a smartphone or tablet. If you want to learn on the go, then you will not have much of a problem.

The app is available for both Android and iOS so that all users can download it for their convenience. The content also has great categorization features.

The videos can be filtered by difficulty level and dialect. The closed captions are also quite interactive, doubling as a way to learn new words and phrases.

As with other language-learning applications, there are also flashcards and exercises. These tools can be used to supplement your learning experience. They can even be pulled out during a viewing, so you can expand your vocabulary while watching.

The video player is also accommodating to its users. For instance, you can change the playback speed to be slower or faster, depending on your preference.

Since some characters may speak quite fast, slowing down the video can help you listen and comprehend the words better.

If you feel like repeating shorter videos, you can also put them on loop. The feature also allows you to repeat specific sections. This works well if you want to practice a phrase repeatedly to get the pronunciation.

And if you’re going to learn how to converse like a native speaker, you can also use the “auto-pause” feature. While in this mode, the player pauses after every sentence.

Those who want to incorporate the English language into their learning can also use subtitles. Lingopie can show subtitles where only certain words are in the foreign language. This feature can be a great way to get the context of some phrases. It will feel like “Spanglish,” which can be a more straightforward learning method for some people.

Also, Lingopie allows users to filter programs based on regional dialects. Few apps account for the differences in regions. Since dialects can change accents and words based on the region, this option is helpful for even more accurate learning.

Lingopie Free Trial

Lingopie offers a free 7-day trial for those who want to try out their product first. However, users need a credit or debit card to sign up. A PayPal-accredited payment may also work.

Sadly, even sample videos are locked behind a paywall. The app is also inaccessible beyond the login screen unless you sign up with your email and payment credentials.

Overall, Lingopie is an immersive learning tool for new languages. There are many different features that you can try for a fun experience. You can also explore different payment tiers if you wish to try Lingopie out for only a specific period.