How Much Does FluentU Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

If you are looking for a language app to boost your overall language proficiency, FluentU might just be one of the best bets.

The app is easy to navigate and it comes with a bunch of useful features that help you learn and understand words better.

Having said that, how much does FluentU cost? What’s the difference between the annual and the monthly rate? What features do you get at the price? We will find all that and more in the following few sections.

How much does FluentU cost?

The annual subscription of FluentU is certainly not cheap but given the features, it comes with, the app is totally worth your money. Currently, the annual subscription starts at $239.

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You will need to pay this amount after completing the fourteen-day free trial of FluentU.

The company also has cheaper monthly packages that we will discuss in the following section.

FluentU annual vs monthly prices

As you already know at this point, the annual plan of FluentU starts at $239. Here, you get the basic 14-day free trial along with four additional free months. So, when you opt for the annual subscription, you basically get 16 months and 14 days of uninterrupted subscription.

While the monthly plan isn’t that bad, we would recommend it only when you are certain that you wouldn’t need the subscription for a year.

That is because, even though the plan starts at $29.99, the amount becomes $359.99 considering you have the monthly subscription for an entire year. Unlike the yearly plan, the monthly plan doesn’t offer any free additional months.

Overall, we think the annual plan is better suited for individuals who are looking for a consistent and comprehensive learning experience without any predefined time limit. If, however, you are skeptical or only need the app while traveling for a short duration, you might want to try the monthly plan.

Either way, both the plans are excellent and once you subscribe to them, you’ll have complete access to a wide range of features.

FluentU main features

FluentU comes with some impressive features that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a language learning app. Below is a brief highlight of the key takeaways of this app:

  • The app is cross-compatible, meaning you can use it on your Windows Laptop, iPhone, or Android Phone.
  • Comes with an integrated video dictionary where you can hunt for words even more conveniently.
  • Features the word-lookup facility against every word in the FluentU dictionary. What’s more, it also includes proper, legitimate examples using the word by native speakers of the said language.
  • Extremely versatile and entertaining content. You can explore from online courses, audio-visuals, audio and/or video snippets, and also flashcards. These multiple components further enhance your learning experience and make it even more enriching.
  • The app enables you to access multiple languages from a single account. Supported languages include English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French among others.
  • The app monitors your progress and comes up with personalized quizzes depending on it. This way, you have a new set of questions to answer every day and your insights become greater and deeper.
  • The app is backed by an automated and highly advanced SRS algorithm that enables you to review specific words. So, if you have the habit of forgetting a long or complex word, this feature will certainly work in your favor.
  • The final and biggest takeaway of the app is that it enables you to customize your flashcards with a preferred subject or word area. This is an excellent way to keep you motivated because you have complete control over your progress and current status.

The overall app is extremely easy to navigate and given the rave customer reviews, it is certainly worth using. Not only does it offer a bunch of features, but you also get to access some premium functionalities at a decent annual rate.

FluentU free trial

Whether you opt for a monthly or a yearly subscription, you will be eligible for a free trial from FluentU. The trial applies for fourteen days, and you can cancel your membership at any point during this period.

Once you do this, you won’t be charged following the fourteen days and will be automatically downgraded to a free account. If you change your mind at any point, you can hover to Settings and renew your subscription.