How much does Duolingo Plus subscription cost? [in 2022]

Duolingo is an excellent software for learning different languages of the world. You can find its website and a mobile application to make learning convenient and more manageable.

However, with its great features, it’s not surprising that Duolingo requires a subscription for its premium plan, Duolingo plus. So, how much does Duolingo Plus cost? Check out the answer below.

How much does Duolingo Plus cost?

Duolingo is a free online learning software catering to more than 34 languages, including courses in other languages. It offers a free platform to learn vocabulary independently through its well-curated exercises. The platform also provides learning content on various materials such as videos, podcasts, and short stories.

duolingo plus cost

However, although the free plan of Duolingo provides excellent help for your language learning journey, you can’t enjoy some of its features when you’re only subscribed to its basic plan. So, you may need to upgrade to Duolingo plus to get the most out of the language-learning app.

Duolingo Plus is capped at $6.99 per month with the inclusion of excellent features such as unlimited hearts, unlimited tests outs and many more. You can also enjoy perks like no annoying ads while using the app in the premium upgrade. So, it’s probably worth it.

Duolingo Plus free trial

If you haven’t decided whether to upgrade your basic Duolingo plan to Duolingo Plus, you can avail of its free trial. The platform offers a 14-day free trial of its premium plan for you to test it out. In the free trial, you can experience all the perks of Duolingo Plus without paying. However, once the trial expires, you will either need to stop your subscription to avoid paying or continue with the premium by paying $6.99 per month.

Duolingo Plus vs. free plan features compared

The free plan of Duolingo is already worth it since all the learning content of all the languages available in the app is accessible. You can use various learning features of the app, such as the exercises and modules. However, in the basic plan, especially in its mobile app, you’ll have a problem with its system.

When starting in Duolingo, you will be given five hearts as your key to doing exercises. Whenever you do the activities wrong, you’ll lose Hearts, and when all of your Hearts are gone, you won’t have access to the following exercises. You will need to wait for hours or buy gems to refill the hearts.

Furthermore, you’ll get occasional pop-up ads in the free version while using the language app. You won’t also access other features such as Mastery Quiz and Practice Mistakes.

Meanwhile, Duolingo Plus offers advantages that most learners would love to experience. Unlike in the basic version, Duolingo Plus eliminates the need to wait to get hearts and do exercises.

You will get unlimited Hearts and bonuses to make learning more fun and engaging. You also get unlimited test outs when you subscribe to the premium upgrade of the language app.

Furthermore, in Duolingo Plus, you’ll get rid of the annoying ads and get access to the Practice Mistakes and Mastery Quiz. You’ll get to progress more with your learning journey quickly.

Pros and Cons of Duolingo

Duolingo has over 500 million users worldwide and even gained more traction during the pandemic. However, although it’s an intensive and interactive app, it still has two sides: the pros and cons.

The advantage of Duolingo is its accessibility and flexibility. It can be used by anyone, whether you’re a teacher, student, or worker. It’s available to download for free on your mobile phone, and it has a friendly website. With Duolingo, you don’t need to travel to school to learn languages.

However, Duolingo also has its cons, such as its level of teaching language. It only focuses on teaching you the basics of every language.

Most of the activities are for beginners, and there are limited advanced lessons available if you want to learn more about one language. It’s not as comprehensive as when you go to school and traditionally learn the language.

So, if you’re going to master speaking Spanish, Italian, Japanese, or any other language, you can use Duolingo to start your journey and learn the basics. However, you have to resort to another way if you want to learn advanced language lessons like hiring a tutor or going to a language school.