How Much does Craftsy Unlimited Membership Cost? [in 2022]

Craftsy is an online resource to help individuals learn the creative skills they wish to acquire. In addition to the free classes, Craftsy also offers a subscription service that allows premium members access classes teaching them a variety of skills ranging from cooking to sewing.

If you are interested in joining Craftsy, you would like to find out the cost of membership and the type of classes available.

Some of the main categories in which classes are available include baking, cake decorating, cooking, crocheting, Embroidery, Quilting, Sewing, Weaving & Spinning, knitting, jewelry making, painting, woodworking, drawing and gardening.

Other categories include fitness, home decor, paper crafting, writing, yoga and fun for kids.

How much does Craftsy premium membership cost?

Craftsy premium membership costs $7.99 monthly or $89.99 annually. Premium members of Craftsy will get access to more than 1500 premium classes in different categories depending on their personal preferences.

Craftsy membership cost

The premium member will also have access to instructor events that are being live-streamed, allowing them to interact with the instructor, get their queries on different issues resolved.

The premium members are also receiving a weekly newsletter with insights into various projects, skills. Premium members can get instructions, watch classes on more than twenty different hobbies, so it is easy to get information on almost all the popular hobbies.

To save money, you can share the membership with up to three of their family members or close friends at no additional cost to the guest member. This allows the guest members to save up to $270. Though the premium membership is automatically renewed, you can cancel it anytime you wish.

Craftsy annual vs monthly prices

Depending on their budget, time available and level of interest in learning a new creative skill, you can pay for premium membership monthly or annually. Many members who are using the premium services of Craftsy for the first time will opt for the monthly membership plan to check the quality of the services.

This monthly premium plan is priced at $7.99 so individuals with a limited budget may opt for this plan. If you require access to the premium classes and help from experienced instructors for a longer period of time, it is advisable to subscribe to the annual plan priced at $89.99. This will help you save $15.89 in a year.

If you are using your creative skills for selling products or providing services, and would like to get the latest updates, it is advisable to subscribe to the annual plan. After paying the membership fees, the member can browse the classes available, and choose the classes of his interest to start a new project

Craftsy free courses

If you wish to check the quality of courses available at Craftsy before opting for premium membership, some of the free Craftsy courses you can take are listed at:

There are a total of sixty-eight free classes at present on a variety of creative skills, like baking, making cakes, upgrading the design of a garden, crocheting, knitting, quilting and using a sewing machine.

You can watch any of the video classes to check where it has the information which you are looking for. If you are happy with the content and want more help, you should purchase a premium membership.

Craftsy free trial

You may want to find out if there is a free trial you can try without risk. As mentioned earlier, the free classes are an indication of the quality of content in premium classes on various subjects.

Additionally, if you have a friend or relative who already has a Craftsy subscription, you can request them to include you in their membership sharing, since every Craftsy subscription can be shared with up to three other persons at no additional cost to the Craftsy premium member.

Additionally, you can opt for the free Craftsy gold membership, which allows you to choose up to 8 free classes after you log in to your account.

Other information related to Craftsy pricing

You will have to pay for Craftsy premium membership using a credit card. For a monthly membership, the credit card will be charged 5 days before expiry, and for annual premium membership, the card will be charged 10 days before expiry.

You can cancel your membership anytime, in case the annual membership is canceled in the first 30 days, the member will get a full refund, otherwise, a prorated refund will be given.