How To Cancel Udacity Subscription? [in 2022]

If you’re looking to hone your tech skills, Udacity might just be your go-to platform. However, you might be under situations where you need to cancel your Udacity subscription at the earliest. In such cases, how do you go ahead? To put it even more simply, how to cancel a Udacity subscription? We will find that out and more about the company’s cancellation policy in the following few sections.

How To Cancel Udacity subscription?

Canceling your Udacity subscription is simple considering you follow the correct steps. First, navigate to the classroom screen of Udacity and click on the ‘Settings’ option. Next, under the ‘Enrolment’ tab click on subscription and billing.

You will now be redirected with a new screen featuring multiple options including the one to cancel your membership.

Once you click on the cancellation option, you would be asked to select a reason for cancellation and then click the ‘Continue Cancellation’ option.

After this, you will receive another confirmation message stating that the cancellation has been processed. You will also receive an email at your registered email address confirming the same information.

Udacity cancellation policy

Now that you know how to cancel your Udacity subscription, you probably want to know more about the company’s cancellation policy.

If you are looking to get a full refund, you will need to cancel the subscription within two days from the date of purchase. You also need to make sure that you haven’t graduated from any program within the two-day window.

Note that refunds are only available once against every student for every program in Nanodegree. This also applies to other paid courses (single) or any other type of Executive program.

In case you have canceled the membership and have attempted to enroll for the same program after two days, you wouldn’t be able to do it because of the guidelines stated by the company.

If you cancel the subscription following two days, you wouldn’t qualify for a full refund, but you also wouldn’t be charged for the next billing period. Even if you cancel, you would be a part of the program until the billing period ends.

You can also cancel the monthly auto-renew plan at any point before the following billing date. You wouldn’t qualify for any additional refunds after the two days. This means you wouldn’t receive any partial refund either.

Will my Udacity subscription end once I graduate?

If you meet and address the requirements of your project before the upcoming date of billing, you wouldn’t need to incur a charge.

Once you have completed the paid access plan (which is probably a part of your graduation requirement) you will still have partial access to some type of program resources. Y

ou will also have access to a bunch of static articles following your graduation.

Can’t cancel Udacity subscription

Canceling the Udacity subscription is fairly simple and once you follow the suggested guidelines it is even easier. If you are confused about how cancellation works, head to the top of this article and follow the steps.

The tule of thumb here is to find the Settings tab and then navigate to the Subscriptions and Billing tab to cancel your membership.

As you probably know at this point, if you cancel the membership within two days of purchasing it, you will qualify for an entire refund. However, if you cross this time threshold you wouldn’t qualify for any form of partial refund.

Because the overall cancellation process is straightforward, we don’t think you’ll have trouble navigating it.

In case you still do, head to the live chat option on Udacity, reach out to them on Twitter @UdacitySupport or check out their unique Support Hub that has tons of resources answering your questions.

The customer care team of Udacity is its special takeaway. That is why you can reliably bank on the company’s live chat every time you’re stuck in trouble or mess. The moment you hit your question in the live chat, you will be readily supported with tons of answers.

What’s more, you will also be encouraged to explore other situations related to yours, for a better insight into solving your problem faster. Because the community of the platform of extremely active, you can also expect some help from that end.