How To Cancel Shaw Academy Subscription? [in 2022]

Shaw Academy is an online learning platform, which offers over 100 courses to 12 million students worldwide.

If the platform isn’t working for you, you have completed the course you need, or you have had a change of circumstances, this article will show you how to cancel your Shaw Academy membership or trial.

How To Cancel Shaw Academy Subscription?

If you have not provided Shaw Academy with payment details at any stage, you do not have to worry about cancelling your account, as they have no way of charging you.

If you have provided Shaw Academy with payment details, Shaw Academy recommend that you cancel your membership or trial by visiting your account profile, selecting ‘Account’, then ‘Subscription and Purchases’ then select ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, you can cancel Shaw Academy by emailing the company directly at [email protected] explaining why you want to cancel the subscription.

How To Cancel Shaw Academy on an iPhone or Android?

If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, deleting the Shaw Academy app on your phone or device isn’t enough to cancel your membership.

If you are using an iPhone, you will be able to cancel your Shaw Academy trial or membership on the settings app.

First, open the settings app, then tap on ‘Subscriptions’ tab, then tap on your Apple ID and scroll down to the ‘Subscriptions’ button. If you have a Shaw Academy subscription, it will show up, click on ‘Shaw Academy’ subscription and tap cancel.

If you are using an Android device, open the Google Play Store.

If you have more than one Google account, make sure that you are on the account which you have used to pay for your Shaw Academy membership or trial. Click on menu, then ‘Subscriptions’, and chose Shaw Academy – Online Courses subscriptions, and click ‘Cancel Subscription’. 

What Happens When You Cancel Shaw Academy?

Shaw Academy classes are only available to stream online, and you are not able to download a copy for viewing later on.

Therefore, when you cancel your Shaw Academy membership or trial you will no longer have access to the classes.

There is no cost associated with cancelling your membership or trial, and your cancellation should show on your Shaw Academy account within 24 hours.

It is worth checking your account after 24 hours to make sure that the cancellation has gone through correctly.

Some customers have reported being offered free access for a period of time to encourage them to stay with Shaw Academy.

Can’t Cancel Shaw Academy?

Many people have reported that they have been unable to cancel their membership or trail with Shaw Academy, meaning they are paying for a membership they don’t want.

Social media is full with complaints of people unsuccessfully trying to cancel their Shaw Academy membership or trial.

Firstly, as with any trial or subscription service it is important to remember the cut off dates of your membership/trial.

Shaw Academy free trials tend to last 28 days, but it is important to check your subscription and make a note of the end date and allow time for any family or work engagements you may have around that date. If you do not want to pay you will need to ensure that your account is cancelled by this date.

Whilst cancelling your account online through Shaw Academy may seem easy, there are a number of pages and questions which you need to follow.

Beware that some subscription services design their cancellation pages to make it appear to customers that they are cancelling their subscription or trial, whereas in fact, they are maintaining it.

If you wish to cancel your account, it is vitally important to ensure that you carefully check each answer – the box which may seem the obvious answer is not always the one you think it is – we’ve all been there!

If you are still struggling with cancelling your membership and you paid via PayPal, you can disconnect your payment through your PayPal account.

Videos are available online that detail each step for you.

If you paid by credit card and still cannot cancel your membership you may wish to call your card provider to either cancel the payment or cancel your card.

If these steps fail, websites such as DoNotPay and Justuseapp can provide you with solutions if required.