How to Cancel IXL Membership Subscription? [in 2022]

There is no doubt you are going to feel great after seeing how much fun your kids are having at However, there will come a time when your kid grows up and be too old for it. At that time, you would have no choice but to cancel.

How to Cancel an IXL Membership Subscription?

When you are at the official website of IXL, you must sign in to your account. After that, you should go to the Membership details which should be opened once you click on the menu located at the top right corner.

When that is over, head over to the Membership Information section then among the options there, you can click on ‘Cancel Membership’.

Perhaps, the best part about canceling an IXL membership is that you can do it anytime you wish and it will immediately take into effect.

Of course, you can still access IXL until the end of the current billing cycle. Once the start of the next billing cycle, then you won’t have any access to what you used to get from being an IXL.

How to Cancel an IXL Membership Subscription on an iPhone?

The first thing to do would be to open your Apple ID account by going to the Settings tab. After that, you can head over to the Subscriptions menu.

Among all of the Subscriptions that you have there, you must click on IXL then push ‘Cancel Subscription’.

There is no question you are going to receive an email confirming that you have indeed been removed from your IXL membership. It should come within a few days or even hours since they have a fast and attentive team over at IXL.

If you haven’t received the email after a few days then you can check in your Spam folder as there is a possibility that it went there.

Can you ask for a refund to cancel an IXL subscription?

IXL subscription offers a one-month satisfaction guarantee which means you are going to get a refund during the first month if ever you are not satisfied with what you are getting. In order to get a refund, you must fill up a request form on their website.

The subject of the title must certainly be ‘refund’ and you must detail your experience and tell them why you are not satisfied with their services.

Can’t cancel IXL subscription

It is quite possible you can’t cancel your IXL subscription because you are doing the wrong method. Thus, better double-check the methods we outlined above and make sure you are doing the right one.

The customer service team of IXL would love nothing more than to help you through so you can always call them whenever you need help in anything that is related to IXL.

It is quite possible that you can’t cancel your IXL subscription because your mobile device keeps on freezing. When you click on the options we tell you above, you suddenly get stuck and we can’t blame you for feeling a bit too upset about it.

If that happens to you then you can uninstall the app then reinstall it again. Another wise thing that you can do in order to remedy the situation would be to restart your phone.

If that does not work then it can be because you are at a place that has a faulty Internet connection so what you can do is to transfer to a place that has a fast WiFi connection.

Other Information Related to Cancel an IXL Subscription

There is a strong possibility you will be led to cancel your IXL subscription due to all the negative reviews you have been seeing online.

Once what they proclaim on their reviews starts to come true, you will start to think that you are not getting your money’s worth anymore. Even if it is not that much, you would still think you can put your money somewhere else.

Believe it or not, there is a current petition against the points system of IXL because it is pretty harmful to kids. In fact, some of the kids got traumatized because of it. If your kid experienced something similar then canceling your subscription would be your best option.