How To Cancel Codecademy Pro Subscription? [in 2022]

Codecademy is an excellent platform to hone your coding skills with a bunch of interactive lessons.

But there can be situations, when you’ve subscribed for the premium plan of Codecademy, only to realize later that it doesn’t meet your requirements.

So, what should you do in such scenarios, and how to cancel a Codecademy Pro subscription? Let’s find out!

How To Cancel Codecademy Pro subscription?

If you are dissatisfied with your Codecademy Pro subscription, you can deactivate your subscription at any given point. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

  1. First, complete your account verification and then hover to your Account Settings
  2. Next, select the option called ‘Manage Payments’. In case you do not find a page featuring this tab, it is probably because you haven’t completed your account verification. That is why it is crucial to complete your account verification before you go ahead with this step.
  3. After clicking the ‘Manage Payments’ tab, you will be redirected to a new window where you need to select the option that says, ‘Cancel subscription’. At this point, you might get a prompt requesting the reason for your cancellation. Respond to the ‘No’ option in this prompt to go ahead with the cancellation.
  4. Now, you need to select your cancellation reason from the dropdown menu.
  5. Once you’re done with the step, click the ‘Cancel subscription option and you are good to go!

The steps are simple, and they are easy to follow even if you are unfamiliar with a web application like Codecademy.

In case you still encounter difficulties, you can always check their FAQ section or reach out to their support email address.

The executives will readily address your queries and fix all account-related issues with Codecademy.

What happens when you cancel your Codecademy subscription?

When you follow the above steps to cancel your premium Codecademy subscription, your account will be deactivated in seconds.

However, you can still enjoy all the benefits of your Codecademy Pro membership until the bulling cycle ends.

Finally, when the billing cycle is over, you won’t get to access the Codecademy Pro content. Additionally, you would lose your access to the Codecademy classes including the completed classes.

However, if you plan to return or renew your Codecademy subscription in the future, you will get a chance to start from the point you left.

Even after you cancel your subscription, the individual progress you made against every lesson will be saved. Although you cannot access it, the app will store these details in its database.

Can you refund Codecademy Pro?

No! You cannot refund Codecademy Pro, because the company doesn’t have any set refund policies for the premium subscription purchases. Their refund policy does not extend to the charges you incur following the free trial either.

If you are using Codecademy for the first time, you will receive free membership of Codecademy Pro. However, this trial is time-bound for seven days from the data you create the account. What’s more, you would also need a proper and well-functioning credit/debit card to access the free trial.

Remember, your account will only be charged following the free trial of seven days. So, if you are dissatisfied with the Codecademy pro account within the first seven days of the purchase, you can cancel it right away without incurring any additional charges.

As mentioned earlier, your account will be downgraded in minutes if you follow the above steps for canceling your Codecademy Pro account.

Can’t cancel Codecademy subscription

There may be situations where you cannot get rid of your Codecademy subscription, no matter what the steps. In this case, you first need to troubleshoot the issue.

One of the most common mistakes is not registering for the account, so make sure you are only opting for the cancellation after verifying your Codecademy Pro account via email. If not, you will not get the cancellation option.

Next, make sure to follow all the cancellation steps correctly. At times, you fail to cancel your account because you don’t know where to start. However, we have fixed that issue by providing an elaborate guide on canceling your account.

In case you still can’t cancel your Codecademy account despite following our suggested guidelines, it is best to reach out to the Support team of Codecademy. These experts will readily address your concerns and help you cancel the account right away.