How Much Does Busuu Subscription Cost? [in 2022]

This online language learning app encourages every user to boost speaking and writing different languages. The Busuu app offers interactive and entertaining learning of up to 12 languages such as French, Polish, English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic.

How Much Does Busuu Cost?

Busuu offers premium plans that can be billed monthly or annually. These premium plans offer to learn 12 languages simultaneously, a self-paced study plan, tests, feedback on your learning progress, grammar lessons, and AI-powered reviews.

busuu cost

You may also start using Busuu on a free plan where you may have conversations with native speakers from your chosen language, but subscribing to a premium plan offers more advanced features on the learning experience.

Getting a premium plan starts at €9.99 a month if you wanted to be billed every month, and €5.83 per month when subscribed annually. They also offer a 24-month premium plan that starts at &€5.41 per month which is billed every 2 years. Discounts are offered for longer subscriptions on the plans.

The upgraded premium plans are worth the money most of the benefits of Busuu are offered on these subscriptions. Also, it offers offline lessons which can be downloaded for extra practice on languages anytime regardless of internet availability.

Busuu Premium Annual vs Monthly Prices

There are different plans offered by Busuu. Getting Busuu premium plan every month costs more than subscribing annually. You can get a discount of up to 42% when you subscribe to a 12-month plan and 46% for 24-month plans.

A monthly subscription costs €9.99 per month for the premium plan and €10.99 per month for the premium plus. For a 12-month subscription, it costs €5,83 per month for premium and €6.66 per month for premium plus. For a 24-month long subscription, it costs you €5.41 a month on premium and €6,24 a month on the premium plus plan.

You can choose which plan suits your needs and how long should you want to learn a specific language.

Busuu Basic vs Premium vs Premium Plus

These plans offer different features suited for different users. The basic plan is free to use. However, it has a lot of limitations and only allows you to learn one language. You will have access to the learning flashcards to practice vocabulary.

The basic plan allows native speaker dialogues to help you use the terms properly. You will be able to hear how the native speakers show the words in a natural setting.

For the Busuu premium, it offers more features than the free basic plan. You may use the offline learning feature which allows you to download lessons to your device. There are also grammar lessons available to explain grammatical forms and usage of the words. Language quizzes are also offered to test your knowledge and understanding.

The Premium Plus plan offers the same features as the Busuu premium, but also allows you to use and experience the full features of Busuu. You will be able to get all the 12 languages that this app offers.

It also allows you to create a self-paced personal study plan, you can set how much time you want to study for the day. With this study plan, you can see your progress. It also tells you once you have achieved your target goal.

Since this app is partnered with an education company, you will be able to get a certificate once you pass the official CEFR tests. This will validate your language ability. However, this official certification is available for French, German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Both premium plans offer an AI review that shows your strength level of words and phrases. This feature will help you focus on terms that you need to review more.

Busuu Free Trial

Technically, the app does not offer a free trial but offers a free basic plan for you to decide if the app works for you. Your first lessons can be accessed on this basic plan with limited features. Trying the basic plan will give you an idea of how Busuu works as an online learning platform.

The 14-day money-back guarantee lets you experience the premium plans, should you decide to stop since it does not meet your needs, you may inform the company to cancel your subscription. You can get a refund as long as your request falls within the 14-day period.