How Much Does Premium Cost? [in 2022] is an online platform forum that helps academic learning in many learning ways. This platform has brilliant math and physics students who share their problems and solutions.

It has an outstanding quality of courses for people of all ages. You can learn advanced skills in mathematics and science.

How much does cost? offers various directions to cover like number theory, electricity and magnetism, algebra, computer science, classical physics, calculus, quantum mechanisms, computer science, geometry and many others. premium cost

To get unlimited access to all math and science-related questions and courses you need to buy their subscription services. They offer an annual program for 12.49 dollars monthly or 149 dollars per year. You can subscribe every month for 24.99 dollars. Premium annual vs monthly prices’s premium cost is 24.99 $ per month, this price can differ from country to country. The annual payment is payable in a single payment.

The annual payment is 149 dollars. The purchase can be done online from their site page.

What do you get for the Brilliant Premium subscription?

A brilliant premium subscription can unlock all the premium content on their website. Every course and all chapters of them can be found. unexplainable amount of lessons, puzzles and quizzes with many interactive courses.

Premium also gives you the freedom to use it while offline. You can access lessons without any internet connection. You can also find courses that are guided and expert level.

You can participate in various competitive courses. There will be daily challenges for you. You can experience recent concepts and timely challenges. They offer more related courses according to you. has many kids and adults learners that use this for school or murder studies. The platform can be used for any competition, mathematics and science debate or challenges.

The best thing about is that you can share your problems and solutions with your community. In this way, you can see other people’s high-quality content that is not available elsewhere. You can use the community option without any subscription. You just need to sign up on their page or app.

There are more than 60 plus with various subjects. Scientific and mathematical subjects are available with expert level activities. computer science lessons, math foundation courses, competition math, scientific thinking, finance, statistics and many more.

There is not just high-level content. There are contents available for varied skill levels. So learning is easy and fun. This type of content is very important because it can be used by all types of skilled people.

So if you have small knowledge of something you can still get to start learning about that. The content can be used by any person in different fields of education.

The learning design is unique and creative. This is not like normal course learning. Any beginner can also use it very easily. The subject is STEM-related. The learning is engaging and helpful for kids, college students, engineering students, professors, parents, teachers and hobbyists.

Other information related to premium pricing

There is also a three-person plan that is for 299.88 dollars per year annually. In this plan, The accounts can be accessed separately for each individual.

If you want to use brilliant for the whole 1 year then you can go ahead and buy the annual subscription. If you subscribe monthly then you can cancel your subscription at any time.

There is a free trial available that makes you decide if you want to continue using it or not. The seven-day trial is free after that you have to subscribe. You can also continue using the free version if that suits you.

In conclusion, you can say people find helpful and user friendly. Many people can use it without any age barrier. Their unique way of lessons are more intriguing and engaging for kids. If you are thinking if it’s worth trying or paying for.

Then you should first use their platform to see how the content is valuable for you. According to reviews, most people find it worth their money and time. So if you are interested in science-related STEM subjects you need to check out their platform.